POORE'S PICKS: Week Seventeen

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Jim Poore is back with his weekly picks against the spread for week 17

This is it. Week 17 of the 2012 season is here, and there are still playoff spots up for grabs in the NFC. The AFC teams are all set, now we just need the seedings. Some of the NFC seedings are good, but many games await to decide the rest of the field. This is one reason why the NFL is so great, but on the other hand there are also many games that are meaningless, but that is the way it goes. Some of these games are hard to determine because some teams rest players if they have nothing on the line. But, as always, I will do my best to achieve the best possible results. Let's get to it.
As always, home team in CAPS.
SEATTLE  10 1/2  St. Louis

The Seahawks are still flying, and I can't figure out how. But I don't have to. They are in the playoffs, and could be a very dangerous team. They do have something on the line though, because their seeding has not been determined. But by the time they play, it could be.
Seahawks 45-13
Chicago  3  DETROIT
The Bears need to win and get some help. They don't deserve the post season though. The Lions are basically useless. I'll take the Bears.
Bears 20-14
PITTSBURGH  6 1/2  Cleveland
Surprisingly this game is useless, like most of my picks.
Steelers  23-17
Green Bay  3 1/2  MINNESOTA
This is a huge game, more for Minnesota than Green Bay. The Packers will likely be the second seed no matter what, but the Vikings need to win or get some help. I think the Packers will rest some starters eventually in this game. I'll take Minnesota. They need it more.  
Vikings 27-24
NEW ENGLAND  10  Miami
There is a good chance the Patriots will know their seeding by the time they play, so this game could mean nothing. Still, the Patriots need the work and Miami will likely let them have it. Since the game could be meaningless, I'll take the Dolphins to cover.
Patriots 29-21
ATLANTA  4 1/2  Tampa Bay
This is a nothing game for the Falcons as they have the number one seed locked up. Look for the reserves very early in this game. The Bucs have been disappointing and I wonder if Josh Freeman is in fact the answer. He might not be.
Falcons 24-10
Chuck Pagano returns as Head Coach for the Colts, but the problem is this game is meaningless to them as they are locked in as the number five seed. The Texans desperately need to win to get a first round bye and home field. I would think the Colts would want to win for Pagano, but risking injury doesn't make a lot of sense, plus Houston really needs to win. I like the Texans.
Texans 30-20
NEW ORLEANS  5  Carolina
Ho hum.
Saints  35-28
TENNESSEE  4  Jacksonville
Yawn, even in Tennesee and Jacksonville.
Titans  16-10
DENVER  15 1/2  Kansas City
The Broncos are rolling, and they likely will remain the number two seed. Many are saying the Broncos are overrated because of their soft schedule. No they are not, and they will be extremely dangerous in the playoffs.
Broncos 40-14
CINCINNATI  2 1/2  Baltimore
Both teams are headed to the post season, but oddly this game is still pretty meaningless. The Bengals are locked in as the sixth seed, and the Ravens are the fourth seed barring some stunning losses by other teams. Both teams will likely rest players. I'll take the home team.
Bengals  23-20
SAN FRANCISCO  16  Arizona
The 49ers actually need to win to get a better seeding, plus they got crushed last week so they could use a tune up. Enter Arizona, and the 49ers are now tuned.
49ers 36-13
NEW YORK GIANTS  7  Philadelphia
The Giants need to win and get a ridiculous amount of help, so they are out of the playoffs. They don't deserve it anyway. And it is likely goodbye to Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid. He has been great, but it has gotten stale in Philadelphia and a change needs to be made. I expect one.
Giants 26-17
BUFFALO 3  New York Jets
Welcome to the circus known as the New York Jets, the league's biggest laughingstock right now. Goodbye Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum and Tim Tebow. It was nice knowing you, and I would be surprised if any of those three remain. I am not sure about Mark Sanchez, but he really needs a change in one capacity or another.
Bills 17-13

Game of the Week

WASHINGTON  3 1/2  Dallas
Who would have thought that this game would be for the NFC East title at the beginning of the year, especially in Washington. Dallas must win to get into the playoffs, but the Redskins can still make it with a loss but they need a lot of help. It won't matter. I don't see the Redskins losing, and they could be an interesting team in the post season. Speaking of interesting, watch the offseason in Dallas. That could be entertaining.
Redskins 26-20

Stinker of the Week

SAN DIEGO  4  Oakland
Bye Bye Norv.
 Chargers 21-14
Record For Week 16: 9-7 ( 9-7 without the spread )
Record Through Week 16: 109-116-4 ( 130-99 without the spread )
Game of Week Record: 6-10
Stinker of Week Record: 6-10

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